Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OSA Members at the Movies

OSA members Debbie Smith and Kirstin Nagy traveled to Rockland, Ontario near Ottawa to prepare an actress, who is to star in an international film directed by Ramona Macdonald of Doomsday Studios Limited in Ottawa, for her sidesaddle riding scenes.

Ella & Mac
Ella has had very little riding experience and the horse, graciously loaned for the weekend by Rocking Horse Stable in Rockland, Ontario, had never carried a sidesaddle before. Upon arriving, Debbie spent over an hour finding the perfect saddle fit for Mac out of the four sidesaddles she had brought with them. Fortunately one fit him and Ella well and they were on their way!

After a quick demonstration of leg and seat position, and basic seat and hand aids by Debbie, Ella was legged up on Mac and the fun began. Mac, an aged Trakehner/Connemara cross gelding took instantly to the sidesaddle despite a beginner rider on board. The first day was ridden at a walk developing Ella’s balance and control in the saddle. She proved to be a very quick learner and took to the sidesaddle with an amazing amount of grace and elegance.

Val, Debbie and Ella
Day two saw Ella come back with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm, ready to move on to trot work on the lunge line. Val Everson, owner of Rocking Horse Stable, managed Mac on the lunge line while Debbie instructed. The second day went quickly with Ella effortlessly riding the trot by mid afternoon. Kirstin, who specializes in costuming, was able to give Ella a general idea of what her riding outfits will consists for the time period of the film. The title and cast of the film are as yet unannounced, but Debbie will let everyone know when it will be aired.

Huge thanks go out to Val and Mac for their time and patience and to Ray Laviolette of Circle R Saddlery for finding such a wonderful facility in the Ottawa area to work in.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Page Posted - Members & Friends

A new page has been created on our blog titled "Members & Friends", where you will find photos of, yes, members and friends of the Ontario Sidesaddle Association. There are examples of English, Western, and Saddleseat riders. Click the link on the right to see it. If anyone has a photo they would like to share, please email it to us at and we'll post it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OSA Demonstrates Sidesaddle at REACH Open House

On Saturday, September 11, REACH (Regional Equine and Agricultural Centre of Huron) held is first anniversary open house at its facility in Clinton, Ontario. Ilka Boecker provided two sidesaddle riding demonstrations in the arena, with commentary provided by OSA President Joanne Milton.

In addition, OSA had a booth in the exhibitor area with information and photos on sidesaddles and OSA membership, as well as showing off a number of period costumes.

REACH director Melanie Prosser graciously offered OSA meeting space to hold its latest member meeting. Plans were discussed for a future OSA event at REACH, so stay tuned for further details. Visit the REACH website at