Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Sidesaddle Assocation asks the AQHA to allow sidesaddles

The American Sidesaddle Association, a US-based non-profit organization, is asking the American Quarter Horse Association to change their rules and allow sidesaddle riders to compete aboard their American Quarter Horses.  Many women have been showing in sidesaddles for years and a number of breed associations and disciplines allow and even welcome riders showing their mounts under sidesaddle tack. The American Quarter Horse Association however, forbids riders from showing their horses aside and since many other organizations follow AQHA rules, this precludes a large part of the equestrian community from being able to show sidesaddle.  Below is a link to an article posted on the Hunter Jumper News website.

The Ontario Sidesaddle Association discussed this issue at its recent meeting, and supports the ASA in petitioning the AQHA for a rule change.  A letter from the OSA will be drafted and sent to the AQHA on behalf of all of its members who ride Quarter Horses or are otherwise affected by this rule. 

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  1. Excellent! Pass the petition along when you get it, I know a lot of the ladies out this way would sign it too!