Monday, October 3, 2011

Auctioned Sidesaddle Goes for $650

For all of you who may be wondering about the sidesaddle that was being sold at the auction at Tralee on Saturday, October 1 along with Dr. Cormack's notable carriage collection, I did attend and was actually planning to bid.  The preview was held on Friday, September 30 and I went to have a look.  The saddle was in very good condition.  The seat measured about 19" but I could not find a maker's mark. 

Bidding started at $100 and before I got a chance to raise my hand, the price was past what I was willing to pay.  The saddle sold to an unknown buyer for $650.

If you hear of auctions or others sales which have sidesaddles listed, please let us know so we can share with our members.


  1. Thanks for the update! What did the whole carriage collection end up selling for? I can imagine it would have been a lot!

  2. I only stayed for about half the auction. The harnesses and some other stuff seemed to hold their prices, but the carriages went pretty cheaply. The auctioneer asked for an opening bid on one of the coaches of $200K, and it actually sold for $55K. Lots of people got good deals on the vehicles and the auctioneers really had to work to get the bids up. I was told the collection was worth about $2 million. I'm sure they didn't get anywhere near that. I was writing down the prices, but I don't have my sheet with me and of course it is only half complete.

  3. Most of the coaches went relatively cheaply and any of the odd type carriages, such as the Hansom cab, went cheap as well. The best sellers were the more modern single and pair vehicles which are more in use in the show ring today. I did write down most of the prices - kept me from bidding on something I couldn't afford lol.

    BTW, I thought the sidesaddle went for 750?

  4. I found a listing for a western sidesaddle for sale in NS.
    Hope someone can give it a good home.

  5. The saddle in NS also shows the leaping horn upside down. The seller is asking for pick up only, so unless you plan on travelling to New Minas...

  6. If anbody is interested my wife has a martin and martin 1927 side saddle for sale.

    Taking offers

    If interested you can call her at 380-668-3114, ask for Roxann

    1. Thank you for your post. It would be helpful if you could provide either pictures or measurements and also the condition of the saddle.

      My other comment would be that area code 380 appears to be invalid, although it might be in the Columbus, Ohio area.