Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two OSA Clinics Held with Caledon Riding Club

Courtney on Mat
Two sidesaddle clinics have been held so far for members of the Caledon Riding Club.  Four riders participated in the clinic on January 27 and four riders rode in the clinic held on February 3.  Both events were very successful.  Two more clinics are in the works; one is scheduled for February 17 and the other for some time in March.  The Caledon Riding Club will also be hosting another sidesaddle information night with a focus on habits and costumes. 

Brianne, Courtney, Kelley and Susan rode at the January 27th clinic.  Brianne brought her own horse.  Other horses were provided by OSA President Joanne Milton; Mat, Angie, and Twister.

Before beginning the riding component of each clinic, each rider had a chance to try a few different saddles to see which one fit them the best. In a clinic situation, it is not always possible to get a perfect fit for riders and horses, but small adjustments can be made so that both are comfortable and secure.

Kelley takes a turn on Brianne's Ronny

Susan on Angie
Brianne on Ronny

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